Female Or Womens Car Insurance Cheaper Car Insurance For Women In The Uk

Cheaper Car Insurance for Women in the UK

Cheaper Car Insurance for Women in the UK

Female or womens car insurance throughout the UK is now generally cheaper than car insurance for men. All men reading this article had best click somewhere else as they may be offended!

Why are Women Drivers Cheaper to Insure?

Women drivers are cheaper to insurance by companies simply due to their more relaxed nature. The insurance companies do not see ladies as so much of a threat or insurance risk like men. Why? you may ask! Well here we go:

UK studies have shown that generally men and women make around the same amount of car insurance claims to their insurers. However when a woman makes a claim for an accident, the cost of the damage is nearly always less than that of a man because of these factors:

  • Men tend to drive faster than women
  • Men usually drive more aggressively than women
  • Men usually drive faster cars
  • Men usually own more expensive cars

The younger male driver is classed as a high insurance risk and many claims by this class is usually a complete write-off so young men beware that your premiums are sure to be high.

Figures and statistics show that if a 17 year old male has a car insurance quote for £1000, a womans quote for the same car would be around 46% cheaper giving a premium of £540 for the same car! Go girls another £460 for clothes shopping!

Many new car insurance companies have now set up exclusively to sell only female car insurance as the market is growing so rapidly. Even existing companies have concentrated on intense marketing strategies and campaigns to target women drivers offering competitive discounts on cheap car insurance quotes.

The usual discount is about 10% given to women over men but please not that the difference between male and female premiums gets less with the increase of the insured parties age.

Ladies, if you want an even cheaper car insurance quote remember these following points:

  • Should you drive less than the stated average 12,000 miles per year – Tell your insurance company for a cheaper premium!
  • Get lots of car insurance quotes using at least 5 companies and compare the policy terms before making a final decision
  • If you can, park your car in a garage overnight or at least a driveway.
  • Keep other named drivers off your policy to reduce costs even further.
  • Instead of having a hire car as an option in case of a claim, you can as to use public transport should this option be viable. This will again reduce your premiums.

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