Making A Car Insurance Claim Making A Car Insurance Claim

Making a Car Insurance Claim

Making a Car Insurance Claim

If you have ever had to make a claim or even assist someone else in making a claim on a car insurance policy then you will know it can be a harrowing task. There is nothing much worse than knowing that you no longer have a car because it has been stolen (I’ve been there!) and wondering how long it is going to be before you either get a courtesy car, a payout or your car is found in one piece or not.

No matter how good you think your car insurance company is, be prepared to spend hours on the phone waiting, discussing and chasing up your claim as this can often be the case. If your car has been stolen your car insurance company in general will not act for at least 28 days as the car may be found by the police. Always check the policies before your sign a contract for simple things like getting a courtesy car in the event of the theft of your car.

Basic Rules of making a Car Insurance Claim

Document everything that happens:

  • Calls made to you by the insurance company
  • Calls you have made to the insurance companies
  • Keep copies of documents and correspondence
  • Perhaps keep everything in a diary stapled to the pages so you can put together a pattern of dates of the whole experience

My car is a write-off – what do i do?

When you have had an accident and your car is a total loss, the “loss adjuster” (who works in conjunction with the insurance company) will have to assess your car. Trying to gain an appointment with such a person can be a daunting task as funnily you cannot ever seem to tie them down to arrange such a simple thing. This can make you feel at a loss and want to get the whole thing over with as soon as possible. When you feel like this, you are likely to accept the first offer to get the whole thing over with and get another car. NO – YOU MUST FIGHT YOUR CASE! Keep on at your insurance company and never accept the first offer you get.

How to tackle a Loss Adjuster

You may even find that the los adjuster may even seem slightly aggressive in his aproach. Do not be frightened off by such actions and stand your ground by structuring your answers to any questions carefully and logically. Their alliance is with the insurance company and their task is to save them money but you must remember that you are the customer, you have paid your premium and are perfectly entitled to make a claim.

Remember, it takes a strong personality to deal with a car insurance claim even though some car insurance companies say how easy it is so try not to let a loss adjuster dictate to you. Just be prepared and pray it never happens to you!

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