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If you own a motor car, the golden rule is that you must insure it. This rule is also applies to private and commercial van owners. The cost of repairing or replacement or worst, medical costs for third party treatment etc. in case of accident cannot be bore by you alone. This is where insurance companies come into the picture. Van insurance is a must for anyone who drives one.

The fast pace at which new automobile are rolled out everyday has also led to the growth of a mutlitude of online car insurance companies in the UK. Sometimes choosing a wrong policy may end up in you paying larger premiums. It is required that you get all necessary facts and details about van insurance before finally applying for a policy.

One company that provides you valuable service to help you choose the right van insurance policies throughout the UK is Car Insurance Rules.  Car Insurance Rules offers you car insurance tips, answers your queries on why you require insurance and also helps you in finding the policy that suits you best by guiding you through the process.

So if you are on the look out for van insurance, visit and get access to some of the leading van insurance providers in UK. You can actually compare the different policies, assess them and ultimately choose the best van insurance policy that suits you.

The companies listed at Car Insurance Rules include A Quote, Auto Direct, CVD Insurance, MORE TH>N, Norwich Union, PremierLine Direct, Quoteline Direct, Swinton and Tesco.

A Quote searches for over 30 leading insurers in UK to find the right policy for you. Similarly Auto Direct gives you the best deal on van insurance from amongst the top five insurers in its listing. Save up to 60% with no claims discounts at MORE TH>N and also receieve up to 25 per cent discounts if you name your drivers.

PremierLine Direct offers a saving of £140 per commercial vehicle. Make a call and everything is arranged, including immediate cover. At Quoteline Direct get a cheap van insurance quote without obligation from leading insurers like AXA and CGNU. Tesco will give you an introductory discount of 10 per cent for online applicants and also provides immediate cover.

Swinton and CVD Insurance can also offer attractive packages.

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